Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Android Codelab - Getting Started with CameraX

The Android developer codelab, Getting Started with CameraX, guide you how to create a camera app that uses CameraX to show a viewfinder, take photos, and analyze an image stream from the camera.

Introduce the concept of use cases in CameraX, which you can use for a variety of camera operations, from displaying a viewfinder to analyzing frames in real time.

Android developer codelab, Getting Started with CameraX

Friday, July 17, 2020

Support for newer Java language APIs

When you use Android Gradle Plugin 4.0.0 and newer, you can now use several hundred APIs from newer OpenJDK versions and your app will work on any Android device? Some of these newer Java APIs in Android 11 are supported through backporting while other APIs are also available via desugaring on older devices where the Android platform does not have the APIs on the runtime.

Check out the website →
Full list of supported Java 8+ APIs →