Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eclipse Local History

Using Eclipse to develop Android, you can have some useful tools to improve your working. Eclipse's Local History and CVS help much in keep record/version in development.

Local History

Local history of a file is maintained when you create or modify a file. Each time you edit and save a file, a copy of it is saved. This allows you to compare your current file state to a previous state, or replace the file with a previous state. Each state in the local history is identified by the date and time the file was saved.

Neither projects nor folders have local history.

Local History is displayed in the History View. Here is a look at what the local history of a Workbench file might look like:

To view the local history of a file, choose Team > Show Local History from the pop-up menu. This will bring up the History view and populate it with the revisions of the selected file. You can open different revisions from the table (by using Open from the context menu or by double clicking on a revision), compare them against the latest revision or against a previous revisions (by using Compare With Revision from the context menu), and replace the current revision with the contents of a previous revisions (by using Get Contents from the context menu).

For more details, refer to your Eclipse's Help Workbench User Guide > Reference > User interface information > Development environment > Local history or Eclipse on-line help here

In comming articles, I will describe how to set-up a CVS server on Ubuntu, and configure Eclipse to work on local CVS server.

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