Thursday, November 5, 2009

Install Android SDK release 3 on Eclipse 3.5 Galileo, in Ubuntu 9.10

Both Adroid SDK and ubuntu have new release recently. There is a little bit variation in installation from the old version, so I re-write the installation procedure here. In this article, Eclipse 3.5 Galileo with Android SDK release 3 (for Android 2) will be installed on a fresh new ubuntu 9.10.

OS: Linux ubuntu 9.10 for desktop or laptop (
Eclipse: Eclipse 3.5 Galileo (bundled with ubuntu 9.10)
Android SDK: Android SDK release 3 (

Install Java:

Start a Terminal and type the command:
$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, refer the article
"How to install sun-java6-jdk on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS?"

- Android Er@2010-05-04 -

Download Android SDK:

Download Android SDk release 3 from, extract to any folder you want. In my case, it is $home/android-sdk-linux/

Install Eclipse:

In ubuntu 9.10, Eclipse 3.5.1 is bundled currently. To install Eclipse on ubuntu, it can be downloaded from, installe using Ubuntu Software Center (Application->Ubuntu Software Center in ubuntu menu bar), or installed using Synaptic Package Manager (System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager in ubuntu menu bar). I tried install using the download version and Ubuntu Software Center, both cannot be installed without error, so Synaptic Package Manager is suggested to install Eclipse.
Involve Synaptic Package Manager from System->Administration of Ubuntu top menu.

Type Eclipse in te Quick search box, select eclipse in the list and mark for installation.

Additional required changes are listed, click Mark to accept.

Click Apply to start installation

Installing the ADT Plugin

Start Eclipse, Click Help->Install New Software... from the top menu.

Click Available Software Sites to check if is available. If not, add it.

Add a new site

Select, and wait a moment. The available will be listed. click to select it and click Next.

Click Next again

Accept the terms and click Finish.

Wait, you will be asked for security warning, click OK.

Wait installation to finish, and accept re-start after finished.

Setup Android SDT inside Eclipse:

Click Window->Preference in Eclipse top menu.

Select Android on the left, and browse to your Android SDK folder, it's $home/android-sdk-linux/ in my setup.

Install Package:

Click Window->Android SDK and AVD Manager

Click Available Package from the left, expend and select your expected packages, and click Install Selected.

Accept All, and Install Accepted.

Restart Again.

Create AVD:
Refer to the article

Now, the installation is finished.


Ross said...

Brilliant, thank mate, struggeled with the google instructions, the key way to enable the eclipse bit in the add new software window.

Dale Wiles said...

Thanks. This was exactly what I needed to get Android back up and running.

philippecmartin said...

Thank you ! (merci, merci, ...)

Fred said...

"Press next again" < I cant, because its greyed out. I never reach the step where you can agree to the terms and all that. What to do :(?