Saturday, May 26, 2012

Debug Android app on BlueStacks App Player for Windows (beta-1)

With BlueStacks App Player for Windows (beta-1), we can deploy Android app from Eclipse to BlueStacks directly. It's much faster than the Emulator of Android SDK. ~ but nobody will and nobody can confirm the compatibility.

In my own trial, I haven't set anything, it install and run on BlueStacks automatically, no port setting, no extra APK (Launcher Pro or ADW) installed. (Here is a thread explain How to use BlueStack as Android development emulator. Actually I haven't do anything. I list here for your reference in case any problem.)

My platform:
- Host OS: Windows 8 Consumer Preview
- Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2
- ADT 18
- Android SDK Tools 19
- BlueStacks App Player for Windows (beta-1)

It's my exercise of OpenStreetMap run on BlueStacks App Player for Windows (beta-1).

OpenStreetMap run on BlueStacks

You can see a emulator-5554 is listed in my devices list.

I also describe here how to enable the devices view in Eclipse:
- Click Window -> Show View -> Other...

- Expand Android and select Devices.


Sam said...

Nice! Thanks very much for posting this. I use NetBeans and like you I didn't need to install the other softwares either. Just the bluestacks, and when I ran my project it was able to detect bluestacks running and load to it. Easy!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this.. i will try it.

abdi said...

i'm develpoing an android app that provide google map v2. i use bluestack too and already installed my app into it. but when i ran my app the map won't appear and force close the app. can you help me?

thank you very much.