Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Create Android Emulator AVD using Android Virtual Device Manager

To create a new Android Virtual Device for Android Emulator using Android Virtual Device Manager:

- Click Window on Eclipse top menu, and select Android Virtual Device Manager.

- Your available AVDs will be listed in Android Virtual Device Manager.

- To create a new one, click New... button.

- Enter details; include your assigned AVD Name, target Device/CPU, optional setting of Camera, Internal Storage size, and SD Card size. And click OK to finish.

Android Emulator of Nexus 7

Android Emulator of Nexus 7

Remark: In my opinion, don't use Android Emulator to test your app if you have real Android device. It's very slooooow! And Google Play services (include include Google Maps Android API v2) is not supported on the Android emulator.

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