Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Android SDK Tools and ADT plugin updated Revision 21.1.0

Android SDK Tools updated Revision 21.1.0, you can now update it in Eclipse by select Windows -> Android SDK Manager.

The SDK Tools r21.1.0 is designed for use with ADT 21.1.0 and later, to update ADT in Eclipse, select Help -> Check for updates.

Remark: if you cannot update ADT (No updates were found), double check the setting of your software site (in Help -> Install New Software...), make sure is included. In my case, the default included site is, no updates were found at this moment!


Jack Blair said...

Every update comes with some thing new in package. Can you tell me what is new in this update pls?

Erik said...

hello Jack Blair,

you can check "Revisions" in SDK Tools.