Friday, August 16, 2013

Something about processing images in Android

I will do some trial experience about image in Android programming. The list here will be updated once posted.

Related demo video:

The exercises have not take care the bitmap size, and any resizing. So don't test with big picture, otherwise OutOfMemoryError or "Bitmap too large to be uploaded into a texture" will happen.


Anonymous said...

do you have any recommendations about dealing with big images and/or lots of images in general?

I'm currently working on a app that has to deal with these and I don't think google's tips are enough (e.g. subsampling)

Erik said...


Please read Scale bitmap Efficiently. Actually, it was come from Google document Loading Large Bitmaps Efficiently.

Reviews for lifetime said...

hello sir
i am new in android development.currently i am working on an application that captures a real world object say door and computes its size. kindly, guide me how it will accomplish and from where i should start my working. please i need the answer badly

yours courtesy

Unknown said...

hello sir
i am new in android development.Suggest any source code for the Annotate Image.