Sunday, October 6, 2013

Learn how to use the Android NDK, by creating an image processing application

The Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) used by the majority of Android application developers requires the use of the Java™ programming language. However, there is a large body of C language code available online. The Android Native Developer Kit (NDK) permits an Android developer to reuse existing C source code within an Android application. The tutorial, Reuse existing C code with the Android NDK by IBM 12 Apr 2011, introduce how to create an image processing application in the Java programming language that uses C code to perform basic image processing operations.

The tutorial is available in PDF format (773 KB | 42 pages) also.

Reuse existing C code with the Android NDK
Reuse existing C code with the Android NDK

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Carlos said...

It will be very interesting if you can teach us how to implement Sepia toning in C for Android NDK.


Erik said...

Sorry, actually I haven't try NDK!