Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Getting Started with Android Studio

Getting Started with Android Studio

An introduction to Android Studio, the new development environment for Android app development.

The book gives an overview of the new features and capabilities.
It starts with installing and configuring Android Studio.
You're getting to know the new IDE and his Editor.
You learn how to create new Android projects from scratch, import projects of different kind like an old Eclipse Android App or projects from GitHub.

The book covers also a quick start into the Gradle build system with several real world examples.
Furthermore, you're going to sign, build and run apps and prepare them for the Android Market:
- Screenshots
- Signing with the Signing Wizard
- Signing a Release apk using Gradle
Create and run Test projects in Android Studio.
There're several examples about dependencies and libraries (ActionBar Sherlock, Admob Ads, Google Play SDK, Google Maps v2 Api)
Set up a local Maven repositories and build .aar libraries.
Learn about Product Flavors - Build Types - Build Variants and build different APK's from the same project (includes an example with 2 Flavors).

Game Development with AndEngine and libGDX
Integration of JavaScript games in Android Studio Projects [LIME GameEngine]
Developing for Google TV

** NEW Android Code Templates:
- What are Android Code Templates
- Where are the ADT Templates located
- Making Custom Code Templates

For the book are several complete and runnable Android Project Examples available for download (Source Code).

There's a chance for typos. If you can't live with it, don't buy the book!

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