Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Remote access shared computer using Chrome Remote Desktop app on Android

[Updated@2015-09-09: check the updated post "Remote control Windows 10 from Android using Chrome Remote Desktop"]

The video show how to setup Chrome Remote Desktop on shared computer (running Windows 8.1) to enable remote access with PIN. Then you can control your computer remotely using Chrome Remote Desktop App on Android device.

In shared computer, Windows 8.1 in this example:
  • You need to log-in with a Google account.
  • Install Chrome Remote Desktop in Google Chrome.
  • Run the Chrome Remote Desktop App in Chrome's App pane.
  • Click the Get Started button in "My Computer" box.
  • Click "Enable remote connection".
  • Enter and re-enter the PIN you want, then OK.
  • You will be ask to grant permission by Windows.
  • Your computer, win-8b in this example, will be shown in "My Computer" box.
In Android:
  • Simple install Chrome Remote Desktop App.
  • Run it and select the same Google account in computer side.
  • You can see the computer, win-8b, in the list.

The following video show remote control shared PC from Android Phone. In this example, the Android phone connect Internet using 3G network. The shared PC running Windows 8.1, with Chrome Remote Desktop installed and setup "Enable remote connection", power-on with internet connection (via home network), even have not log-in Windows session, no any port forwarding setting on router. 

You can also access your shared Windows from Ubuntu Linux, read next post "Remote control Windows from Ubuntu Linux with Chrome Remote Desktop".

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