Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) connect Android device via WiFi in Windows 10

You can connect ADB with Android devices via WiFi to develop apps.

You can find the adb tool in <sdk>/platform-tools/
in my case, it is in

To connect to Android devices, enter the command:
>adb connect
where is the IP address of Android devices.

Most probably, cannot connect. Connect Android devices to PC with USB cable, wait it to be connected.

Enter the command to reset tcpip:
>adb tcpip 5555

Then connect again:
>adb connect

After connected, you can disconnect USB cable.


Unknown said...

Great article. But is it just for Windows 10 ? Why not for Windows 7 ?

Erik said...

hello Laurent Souchet,

suppose same.
I tried on Windows 10 only.