Saturday, January 16, 2016

Android Studio Game Development: Concepts and Design

Android Studio Game Development: Concepts and Design

This one of a kind short book walks any Android developer through the process of creating mobile games using the new Android Studio IDE. Android Studio offers a myriad of tools for developers such as enhanced intellisense and device emulation. This book provides a quick and easy to read format; introduces the reader to these key tools and gives them the knowledge they need to develop games in Android Studio.

What You’ll Learn
  • How to create projects in Android Studio
  • How to use the SDK manager to keep your Android SDK current
  • How to commit and get projects to and from Git hub
  • How to use OpenGL ES to load images
  • How to react to player input
  • How to debug your games using Android Studio

This book is for those who may be new to game development who have some experience with Android Studio IDE and Android.  To learn about Android Studio, check out Learn Android Studio IDE by Gerber and Craig (Apress).

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