Thursday, June 28, 2012

Android SDK Tools, Revision 20 now support Application templates

Lets walk through the new project wizard of Android SDK Tools Revision 20 to create a Master Detail Flow Hello World.

- As normal, click File - > New to create a new project
- Select Android Application Project under Android, and click Next>.

- Setup a new project, include select Build SDK and Minimum Required SDK, click Next>.

- Configure Launcher Icon.

- New Android ADT now supports new application templates for creating new application:
  • Blank activity: Creates a new blank activity, with optional inner navigation.
  • Master Detail Flow: Creates a new master/detail flow, which is two columns on tablets, and one column on smaller screens. This creates a master fragment, detail fragment, and two activities.
Choice MasterDetailFlow as our example, click Next>.

- Accept the default setting of the New Master/Detail Flow at this moment, click Finish.

Lets run the new Hello World generated.

- Now you can select how monitor logcat.

- Run on Android Phone Galaxy Nexus, still running 4.0.2!

- Run on Android Tablet HTC Flyer, running 3.2.1.

- Various Navigation Type provided in new Android SDK Tools, Revision 20.
- Life cycle of MasterDetailFlow HelloWorld


Mario Viviani said...

Weird stuff happening with Eclipse and ADT 20. I just upgraded all the stuff in Android SDK and ADT, and wanted to try the new Template feature for Activity. But actually it says it requires Android Support Library 8 while I got version 9 (comes with the updated SDK), and it keeps asking me to Upgrade/Install this version of the library, which of course is not available.

Anyone with the same issue?

Mark said...

Mariux, same issue here.

Erik said...

hello Mariux and Mark Andrachek, Jr.,

can you describe in more details? I can't see the message "requires Android Support Library 8"!

Unknown said...

If you want to use this layout while creating a project u have mention the min supported SDK version as 11, i.e Honecomb..... its not supported in Androind V2.3

Atletico de Zaidia said...


I want to create a masterdetail flow but I don't know how modify the style, it means, the background color o the text-color. Can anyone help me out?