Saturday, August 15, 2015

Learning Unreal Engine Android Game Development

Tap into the power of Unreal Engine 4 and create exciting games for the Android platform

Learning Unreal Engine Android Game Development

About This Book
  • Dive straight into making fully functional Android games with this hands-on guide
  • Learn about the entire Android pipeline, from game creation to game submission
  • Use Unreal Engine 4 to create a first-person puzzle game
Who This Book Is For
If you are a game developer, designer, artist, or a beginner in the gaming industry and want to make Android games with Unreal Engine 4 efficiently, this book is ideal for you.

What You Will Learn
  • Install, build, and compile UE4 and prepare it for Android development
  • Understand the process of creating an Android game and its requirements
  • Import assets into your game and set their properties
  • Familiarize yourself with classes and how to use them
  • Script using Blueprint, an easy-to-use scripting tool
  • Use Matinee to create cinematics, set pieces, and scripted events
  • Package your game for Android devices and port it to the Google Play Store
In Detail
Have you ever wanted to create games that will get users hooked to their phones? Unreal Engine 4, with all its tools and power, will help make your dreams come true! Designed to get you working with Unreal Engine 4 from the very first page, this book will quickly guide you through the basics in the first two chapters. Once you get the hang of things, we will start developing our game―Bloques!

Bloques is a puzzle game with four rooms. Each room will be more challenging than the previous, and as you develop, you will graduate from movement and character control to AI and spawning. Once you've created the game, you will learn how to port and publish your game to the Google Play Store.

In addition to building an Android game from start to finish, you will also discover how to generate revenue, and how to optimize game performance using the tools and functionalities the engine provides. With this book, you will be inspired to come up with your own great ideas for your future game development projects.

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