Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obtain a Maps API Key for Your Signing Certificate

If you are looking for obtain Map API for debug on emulator in your local development platform, refer to the article "Obtaining a Maps API Key, for debug".

If you are going to deploy a Android application with MapView, you have to obtain a Maps API Key for Your Signing Certificate.

You have to get the MD5 Fingerprint of Your Signing Certificate. Refer to last article "Sign and deploy Android App", you know where is your keystore and alias. Start a Terminal, switch to the folder of the keystore, type the command with your own alias_name and my-release-key.keystore.

$ keytool -list -alias alias_name -keystore my-release-key.keystore

get the MD5 Fingerprint of Your Signing Certificate

Now you can log-in with your Google account and go to Sign Up for the Android Maps API.

Accept the terms and conditions, fill in with your MD5 fingerprint, and Generate API Key.


Viraj said...

Very useful....

Viraj said...

Found very useful...just what i wanted

Archana said...

This post is very useful. But i have some doubt regarding signing google map key.Could you please tell me what will hapn if we won't sign google map key and release it with our app?
If signing of google map key is necessary, then can I test whether its working by putting it in my application? or is there any other way to test.?

Please help me, as i need to release my application next week.

Android Er said...

hello Archana,

If no key, you cannot display map.

It's difference key for debug and release.

Archana said...


Thanks for the reply. Now I am facing another issue. While trying to obtain map api key I am getting this error.
"Keystore file exists, but is empty"
why is it so. Will this be any access permission issue?