Friday, November 6, 2009

Change GPS location of Android Emulator

In order to test GPS function of a Android Application, DDMS of Android SDK can help to change GPS location of Android Emuator.

Change to DDMS in Eclipse:
Click Window->Open Perspective->DDMS

Scroll down in Emulator Control on the left, till Location Controls

type in Longitude and Latitude, and click Send.


dave said...

Nice post. I didn't know about this way through Eclipse.

I got fed up with having to manually telnet to the emulator and specify exact latitude and longitude coordinates.

I put together a little browser-based program that uses GWT and Google Maps to set the geo fix coordinates by clicking on a map.


It's open source and can hopefully be of use to other developers out there!

chkings said...

thanks ,it helped me a lot..

සන්ජු said...

i did this same way.but gps location was not changed.what is the error???