Monday, December 6, 2010

A problem when update existing Android SDK to 2.3: .../tools/lib/proguard.cfg (No such file or directory)

As stated in Android web site, you can update Android SDK to 2.3 by adding as an SDK component, or install the fresh new SDK starter package.

In my case, I update as an SDK component. I tried to set-up a new project after updated, the error of ".../tools/lib/proguard.cfg (No such file or directory)" reported. proguard.cfg file is automatically generated when you create an Android project(

I compare the content of my existing Android SDK folder after updated, and that of a fresh new downloaded Android SDK, the file /tools/lib/proguard.cfg is missing in my case; may be that's why I can't generate proguard.cfg accordingly. So I re-setup my Eclipse to use the fresh new SDK, the problem have been solved. As it should be, I have to re-setup the Android SDK location and AVD.

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