Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Android Fragments

Android Fragments is a 100-page quick start accelerated guide to learning and quickly using Android fragments. You'll learn how to code for fragments; deal with config changes; code for regular vs. fragmented dialogs; work with preferences and saving state; work with the compatibility library; and handle advanced async tasks and progress dialogs.

After reading and using this book, which is based on material from the best-selling Pro Android, you'll be an Android UI savant. At the very least, your apps' user interfaces and event handling will be more competitive and better performing, especially for tablet-optimized UIs and events.

What you’ll learn
  • What are Android fragments
  • How to work and code for fragments
  • How to respond to configuration changes
  • How to do regular and fragmented dialogs
  • How to work with preferences and saving state
  • How to work with the compatibility library
  • How to handle advanced async tasks and progress dialogs
Who this book is for
This book is for experienced Android app developers wanting improved user interfaces and their behavior.

Table of Contents
1. Fragments Fundamentals
2. Responding to Configuration Changes
3. Dialogs: Regular and Fragment
4. Working with Preferences and Saving State
5. Compatibility Library
6. Advanced Async Task & Progress Dialogs

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