Friday, December 5, 2014

Offline GDG Developer Kit available

GDG Dev Kit Pilot ( is a pack of 4 DVDs (also available in a limited number of single USB thumb drives) containing useful content for developers who work with Google technologies and APIs.

The developer kit is meant for software developers or students of software development in regions of the world where steady access to the internet is expensive , unreliable or non-existent.

Each pack contains the following :
This content is current as at August 2014

Read details:

Download link.


Anonymous said...

How can i request for these DVDs ?

Andr.oid Eric said...

check it here:

Contact your local Google Developer Group or Google Student Ambassador and we will assess your needs and see if we can send you a copy.
You can also fill out this form to apply if you are an organization (e.g. School, Tech Hub/Incubator etc).