Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Google are giving away 10,000 Google TV devices. To you.

In order to encourage a new generation of TV developers to come forward, Google are planning to give away 10,000 Google TV devices to help developers start building for TV.

In Adobe MAX conference, Google gave away more than 3,000 Google TV devices to attendees. Additionally, Google will be reaching out to thousands of web developers in the Google Code community to offer them a free device. Finally, if you are a professional web developer who wants to help make the Google TV experience even better and you don’t happen to fall into one of those two groups, you can submit an entry to our Google TV Web Developer Promotion and include a short summary about the type of interesting website your company would like to create or optimize for Google TV. Google are planning to select 2,500 winners from those entries to receive a free Google TV device.

To get started building websites for Google TV, we’ve provided new documentation and a Google TV Web forum to help developers better engage in the process. We’re excited to see what you all come up with. Happy coding!

Source: Google Code Blog: We’re giving away 10,000 Google TV devices. To you.

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