Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to take ScreenShots of Android Emulator (or true Device)

To take screenShots

Switch to DDMS Perspective in Eclipse
- Click Windows on the manu bar of Eclipse
- Select Open Perspective
- Select DDMS(or from other...)

Select the device in Devices pane
(The device can be Android Emulator, or connected true device)

Click Screen Capture icon in Device pane

It's the screen captured of a true device, HTC Wildfire.

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galit said...

This may not be entirely related, but I know of a couple of services that allows you to work (and take ScreenShots) on real devices online. Very useful for applications development.

They're called Perfecto Mobile and Device Anywhere.

I gave PM a tryout and the results were excellent. Might be worth checking out :)