Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Error in creating Emulator for Android 4.0

Android SDK for version 4.0 was just released. The setup procedure is almost same as before, so I don't want to repeat again.

But - after you install the SDK components and try to create AVD for Android 4.0, may be you will prompted with the error:

Unable to find a 'userdata.img' file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder.

It's because you have no Android 4 system image installed!

Start Android SDK Manager, expand Android 4.0, click to select install ARM EABI v7a System Image. May be you have to re-start Eclipse after new component installed.
install ARM EABI v7a System Image
Good Luck.


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sulaiman eman said...

Good Post, Thanks for info :)

cloverasx said...

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uTehn said...

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Updated techs said...

I have download that file from any other resource can u tell me that where will i copy it

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Android Er said...

hello Updated techs,

You simple install from Eclipse is ok, no need download separately.

Updated techs said...

Thank You....:)
But my problem is solved out.
But the problem is performance of android virtual machine is two slow.
it works very slowly

Bisma Shona Parii said...

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