Monday, September 21, 2015

Generate SHA1 fingerprint of release keystore using keytool

To generate signed APK in Android Studio:
> Build > Generate Signed APK...

Once APK and keystore generated, you can get its SHA1 fingerprint using keytool:
keytool -exportcert -alias MyButton -keystore D:\tmp\testKeyStore\MyButton.keystore.jks -list -v
MyButton is the alias.
D:\tmp\testKeyStore\MyButton.keystore.jks is the generated keystore.

Locate debug.keystore and get the SHA1 fingerprint using Keytool utility


Samir Samedov said...

Thanks for the efford.

Neeraj Kumar said...

Thanks for this video.
I am facing one problem.
I lost the .jks file of my app.
How I can update the app with that .Jks file
Please help

blogdrs said...

Thanks im finishing

Ken said...

I read and watch almost up to a hundred tutorials online and cant find the solution in getting SHA1. Luckily i tried this on for my app and it works. This tutorial must be posted on GITHUB as well. Thank you so much.