Thursday, July 23, 2009

Configure Eclipse to work with local cvs server

In previous article, Setup cvs server on Ubuntu, I described how to setup cvs server. In this article, I will describe how to setup Eclipse to work with the local cvs server.

OS: Ubuntu 9.04
Eclipse version: 3.5 Galileo, with CVS installed.

Firstly, open your project and switch to CVS Perspective
Click the Eclipse Menu Bar Window > Open Perspective > Other...

Select CVS Perspective Expoloring

Right click on the empty are of CVS Perspective wiindow,
select New Perspective Location

Enter the setting:
Host: localhost
Repository path: /myrepos
User: cvsuser
Password: ********
Connection Type: pserver
Use the default port

Click Finish

Switch back to java Perspective

Right click project, select Team > Share Project...

Use existing repository location:
and click Next

Accept the default setting, click Next

And click Finish

Enter your comment and click Finish

Now, your Eclipse project is linked with your local CVS sserver.


Kim said...

Thank you very much, using a local cvs is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks!

I was having problems with cvsd "no such system user" error... found the solution here: