Saturday, December 12, 2015

Create AVD using new Android Emulator in Android Studio 2.0 Preview

New Android Emulator Preview is available now, you can create AVD using new Emulator in Android Studio 2.0 Preview.

When I try it, dialog pop up with error message:
emulator: ERROR: Couldn't find crash service executable
I check my system, I have emulator-crash-service.exe, not emulator64-crash-service.exe! I don't know is it a bug, or anything wrong in my setting.

Seem it's a bug of the new emulator in Windows. Somebody reported this issue:

Anyway, the emulator still can run and deploy my Hello World. This video show steps to create AVD using new Android Emulator in Android Studio 2.0 Preview; run on Windows 10 with CPU of Intel i5.

- Android Developers Blog: Android Studio 2.0 Preview: Android Emulator
Android Tools Project Site: Android Emulator Preview (with system requirement and update SDK)

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